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  • Bristol, United Kingdom

We can't wait to return to Bristol to Motion and The Marble Factory on Easter Sunday 21st April for a twelve hour takeover! With an array of unique characters, mind-bending production and vibrant confetti flurries all in tow, we will be debuting Rowmudas, a brand new underwater theme, to Bristol.

Dive into the waters of the Rowmuda Triangle with us. There's no better-suited theme for a city famed for its rich maritime history, you will be plunged deep into the belly of the Craken that has swallowed your boat in one bite. This is elrow though, and the fun never stops, with the discovery of a map that will lead you on a quest to the Party Of Eternal Happiness. On your journey, you'll cross paths with pirates seeking glimmering treasure, untouched shipwrecks ready to be explored and underwater hippy communes desperate to dance with you, as Rowgelia once again leads Bristol into another delirious, unforgettable party.


Last entry - 7.00pm 

The show
Ibiza. Saturday, September 16th, 2017. Elrow threw a party on a pirate ship with a definite sparRow vibe. But somewhere between Atlantis and Es Vedrá the ship went off course and entered the white island’s wildest waters: the Rowmuda Triangle. The music and the noise of the crowd awoke and infuriated the Craken, the island’s most dangerous animal. This savage underwater creature swallowed the pirate boat in just one bite, setting the partygoers off on a surreal journey deep inside the Craken. The party on-board the boat had already been pretty fantastic, but this took them into a completely different dimension. Words cannot describe what they experienced in the Rowmuda Triangle. Imagine an insane mix of The Island, Lost and also Alive; a wild fiesta full of shipwrecks, crashed planes, insane sea creatures and hippy communes under the sea. The party everybody was talking about, “THE PARTY OF ETERNAL HAPPINESS”.
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Bristol, United Kingdom

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