• London, United Kingdom
The show
The ROWEEN file: based on a true story.

Here is the terrifying confession Victoria made before dying: 

"My father was furious when he learned that I was talking to an imaginary sister ... he forced me to kill her. They found her body the next morning. Candy always told me that Mom had killed her ... but Mom told me that I didn’t have a sister ... Two days later my parents couldn’t stop crying. I visited their graves in the garden and told them to stop, but they didn’t pay any attention. Tom always watched me, he followed me everywhere ... I never looked up, he hated people looking him in the eye. I knew that they would all wake up someday... while I would live in torture for a lifetime.”  

Welcome to THE HOME OF TERROWR. Step into the Roween mansion, Victoria’s house of the damned. Live a terrowfying experience, join us in our diabolic games and help us discover the family’s hidden secret.

Once you’re inside, just remember, there’s no getting out, just non-stop panic partying. Got a heart problem? Don’t even think about experiencing a SHOW so petrifying ;)
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London, United Kingdom

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