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  • Sevilla, Spain

El nuevo Chinese Rowyear es una grandísima celebración; es el pasacalle de la alegría y el reencuentro, así que… ¡vamos a darlo todo! Celebremos la vida con música y a lo loco, dancemos por las calles teñidas de rojo y hagamos ruido con platillos y gongs.

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My inspired idea - travel with Chen to his birthplace in Huan Province, where they really know how to celebrate the Chinese ‘RowYear’. I needed an awesome party! After a serious dim-sum munchie session, his family gave me a red envelope containing money (it seems to be a tradition here).Then, under the light of the new moon, completely unrecognisable in my canine fancy dress (What else? It’s is the year of the dog after all!) a party beyond my wildest dreams!

They introduced me to Nian, an absolute beast who seemed to be looking for trouble, although I got the feeling that he just wanted to have a good time and dance. So, I danced the Dragon Dance with him to scare away the bad spirits and, well, I don’t know if it was the chinese lanterns, the red (which was everywhere), or maybe it was all those Baijius I was given, but I got a huge vibe of happiness and energy out of the whole party.

The end? What happened at the end was an ABSOLUTELY AWESOME explosive chaos! Chen’s mother said to me, “Welcome to China. In our culture the more people there are and the more racket there is, the more prosperous we’ll be.” So, I took her at her word and decided to throw my own party in elrow, with thousands of dancing party people making a mind-blowing amount of noise!
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Auditorio Rocío Jurado

Sevilla, Spain

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