BARCELONA, January 30th .-  After Amnesia and elrow‘s first and unforgettable year working together, the two brands are excited to announce that this season they’re going to be doing it all over again.

2017 saw 18 elrow events held at Amnesia with 14 consecutive sold out shows and over 120.000 party-goers passing through the event throughout the season.

Open since 1974, Amnesia has been the home to some of the worlds biggest parties, but in 2017, Saturdays were taken to the next level, each event packed with incredible costumes, props, performances, circus performers, animation experts and showers of inflatables and confetti… 1.5 tons of confetti to be precise.

Week after week, Amnesia’s legendary terrace was transformed with incomparable production and stage design with themes such as ‘From Lost to the River’; ‘Sambodromo do Brasil’; ‘Bollywood’; ‘Singermorning’; ‘Feria de Abril’; ‘Psychedelic Trip’; and ‘Rowlympic Games’, starring some of the worlds biggest names in dance music. In the Main Room, elrow’s newest concept, ‘elrowcity’ was held, featuring just one international guest all-night-long, who played on a stage transformed to represent the DJs home town. A mind blowing production never seen before at Amnesia that will once again be taking over the club in 2018.


Amnesia and elrow’s union last year was just the beginning of an exciting and intriguing journey, two like minded brands that share the same passion of throwing insane, world-class parties and of course the love for music; a perfect combination hard to find anywhere else. If 2017 was crazy… Just wait and see what Amnesia and elrow have planned for 2018…

Commenting their long-standing relationship with the clubbing institution, elrow patriarch Juan Arnau Sr said: “I first met Amnesia when it was just a small field pen in the 70’s, then I returned as a client and lived the madness of the 80’s and 90’s …

During the summer season of 2017 the Arnau family from Huesca returned to the best club on the island to make fan’s dream come true with the magic of “elrow”. In 2018 what we will do will be pure “Mirage” …Come and see!!!!!!”

Elrow’s 2018 season at Amnesia commences from Saturday 26th May 2018. All tickets will be available from:
elrow 2017 Ibiza in numbers:
Number of shows: 18
Number of sold-out shows: 14 consecutive sold-out shows
Number of party-goers: More than 120,000
Nationalities of party-goers: 96
Number of themes showcased across the season: 15
Number of new event themes launched: 2
Number of DJs who performed across the season: More than 70
Kgs of confetti used: 720
Kgs of streamers: 1440
Number of inflatables given out to the crowd: 10,800
Number of actors: 1640 per season
Number of stilt walkers: 270 per season
Number of aerial performers: 180 per season
Number of costumes used: More than 1,100
Season highlights – High Res Image set by Nachtschaduw, Pablo Dass & Andrei Opresc:  
Press contact: rosa.santos@elrowfamily.com
About elrow:
The elrow that we know and love started in 2010 as a small party in Barcelona thrown by Juan Arnau Jr. and Cruz Arnau for his extended group of friends. They sought to build a place where adults could play around in a dreamland, surrounded by vivid and surreal performances, all while listening to quality dance music.

As it grew, elrow moved outdoors and became a daytime experience. Since then, elrow has transformed into a global party brand that brings its immersive performers and booming bass-lines to clubs and festivals on all parts of the globe. Barcelona to Bristol, Shanghai to Cape Town, New York to Mumbai since 2015, we have touched every continent, hosting over 250 events in over 50 different cities.

What we do?
Popeye parties with pirates. Olympic flames surround you. Elvis Presley rocks to techno. A group of surfe-rowers catch a wave across the crowd. Rowgelia gets the crowd moving.
Welcome to elrow, the world’s most insane party. Together we make magic happen.

Imagine bursts of light and colour, trapeze artists soaring through the air as a flood of confetti pours from the sky, eclectic props and toys, elaborate set design, the pulse of thousands of revellers dancing to the beat of the best house and techno DJs in the world, accompanied by a cast of stilt walkers and performance artists to help push the wildness over the edge. Now imagine 20 different versions of this wacky world…