Barcelona, February 8th.

Elrow to host arenas at leading festivals in the UK, Rumania, Spain and Zurich.
4 different cities, 4 locations and 4 of elrow’s craziest themes. 

Wednesday 9-10th June, Heaton Park, Manchester, Uk.
Let’s meet at Parklife Festival! One of the most popular festivals in the United Kingdom, filling the weekend with varied and innovative music at Heaton Park in Manchester.
This festival also has curious chill out areas, interactive art, an amusement park, wizards (What is this?), a wide variety of installations, cabaret and street art.

Thursday 19th July, Banffy Castle, Cluj, Rumania.
For the first time elrow goes to Electric Castle. It is a unique festival experience that takes place on the amazing domain of Banffy Castle, near Cluj-Napoca, in Transylvania.
It shakes up the way people interact with a festival by combing an eclectic musical lineup with arts, technology and a visually innovative concept.

Elrow are excited to bring their Psychedelic Trip theme to the show. Jump into the wildest hippy commune ever, shout make elrow, not war, feel the good vibes from Goa, Ibiza, San Francisco and get those bare feet dancing to the sixties beat. Hug a tree, hug a flower, hug whatever and whoever, as long as you spread a bit of love and laughter.

Friday 10th August, Cullera, Valencia.
Elrow goes for the first time to Cullera Beach. Get some air! Medusa Sunbeach Festival, the festival of electronic and indie music everyone is talking about, will once again fill Cullera beach with some of the biggest sounds on the planet. Marshmello, W & W, Nicky Romero, Pendulum DJ Set, Miguel Serna or DJ Marta are not going to miss it. Will you?

Saturday 11th August, Zurich
Year after year, the most colourful house and techno parade in the world fascinates hundreds of thousands of dance fans from every continent. Around 25 ‘Love Mobiles’ – brightly decorated trucks packed with giant music systems, DJs and party people, drive at walking pace through the crowd of people around Lake Zurich. In addition to these 25 mobile platforms, nine stages along the route round off the contemporary electronic music selection with top DJs, live acts and multimedia.