At elrow we care about the security of our users, which is why we ensure and protect their privacy.

elrow is an online purchasing service, available 24 hours a day, where you will be able to conveniently purchase tickets from your computer for all types of shows and events through the Internet.

Through its website, www.elrow.com, elrow makes available to you a service of advance ticket sales, providing the public and users with ticket purchases, operating on behalf of the promoter in their distribution.

Entretenimiento Musical S.L., a company registered in Spain, with tax identification number B66084625 established in Av. d'Esplugues, 79, 08034 Barcelona, and registered in the Commercial Register in Barcelona, Page B-441454, Volume 433904, Folio 191 and Promociones Musicales Viladecans S.L., a company registered in Spain, with tax identification number B65569030, established in Av. d'Esplugues, 79, 08034 Barcelona, and registered in the Commercial Register in Barcelona, Page B-412152, Volume 42625, Folio 1 (hereinafter, elrow).

The current privacy policy may vary with time due to possible legislative and jurisprudential changes, or the criteria followed by the Spanish Agency of Data Protection and/or the competent authority at any given time. This is why elrow reserves the right to amend this Privacy policy in order to adapt it to the legislative or jurisprudential innovations that are in force at the time in which www.elrow.com is entered.

Both access to the websites of www.elrow.com and the use that may be made of the information and contents included in them, will be the exclusive responsibility of whoever produces it. Therefore, the use that may be made of the information, images, contents and/or products pointed out and accessible through it, will be subject to the national or international legislation applicable, as well as to the General Conditions of this website and to the principles of good faith and licit use by the users, who will be entirely responsible for this access and correct use. The users will be obliged to make reasonable use of the services or contents, under the principle of good faith and with respect to the legislation in force, the moral use, public order, to good practices, to the rights of third parties or the company itself, everything according to the possibilities and ends for which they are conceived. elrow will not be liable, whether directly or indirectly, for damages or shortfall in earnings, deriving from the improper use of the services or contents made by the users or third parties.


Just by looking at the website, users do not provide any personal information and nor are they obliged to do so.

To accede to specific functions of our website, such as making purchases, receiving information about events, shows, promotions, etc., it is necessary for you to provide us with your personal data. On including this information, you guarantee us that the data you provide us with responds to your true identity and that it is current and complete at the time you provide us with it. To achieve the provision of the service required by the user, elrow may communicate the data and essential information of the user to the companies associated with the events, such as venues and promoters, if it is necessary that these companies contact the user or provide them with information regarding the event or show for which the user has bought a ticket.

The user will easily recognise the elrow platform for the external symbols, the brand, the logo, etc. and benefit from all the prerogatives as a registered user. Whatever the case, the use of the elrow virtual platform for buying tickets by third parties will not mean the communication or cession of any data. In all these cases and any other possible situation, elrow will not share any data of a personal nature without the prior authorisation of the party affected, except for those logical communications that must be undertaken in order to complete the service, limiting this communication for the purposes that justify it.

The information of the databases may be used for the identification of the users and for undertaking statistical studies of the registered users for internal purposes.

Users are informed that the answers to the questions posed in the forms that compile data contained in www.elrow.com are of a voluntary nature, although the refusal to supply the data requested may result in the impossibility of access to the services they require. During the process of compiling data, and whenever data is asked for, the users will be informed of the obligatory or voluntary nature of data compilation. The fields marked with an asterisk (*) included in the forms to be filled out by the user are strictly necessary in order to attend to their request, the inclusion of other data being voluntary.

The financial data compiled is used to authorise the payment and invoice the products and services. On making the purchase on the site, the user gives their consent so that their personal and/or financial data necessary are provided to these third parties if necessary to process the transactions that they undertake with us, such as credit card companies, banks and companies that process the sending in our name. This includes the exchange of information with other companies and organisations for protection against fraud and reduction of credit risk. Except in that previously indicated, elrow will not share the financial data with third parties without the prior consent of the user.

In the registry process of credit card transactions, all the information sent to our website is coded and therefore protected from third parties. The sending of this sensitive information is done through the SSL security protocol (Secure Socket Layer), which codes the information that you send us before it reaches us to protect it from third parties.

This data of a personal nature that you have provided us with voluntarily will be included in a file of which ENTRETENIMIENTO MUSICAL S.L. and PROMOCIONES MUSICALES VILADECANS S.L. is the holder and will be used to process your registration as user, inform you of the diverse events and shows that may be of interest to you, as well as elrow promotions and inform you of the process of your purchase if this were the case. Additionally, we inform you that the database information may be used to identify the users and for the undertaking of statistical studies of the registered users.

elrow will not reveal the personal information that you provide us with on the website to third parties, except when the revelation is demanded by the legislation in force, by judicial order, or by a competent authority, as well as when the essential data must be communicated for logical reasons in providing the service or it is expressly requested, the user giving their consent.

All the data provided by e-mail or electronic forms will be treated according to the legislation in force regarding protection of personal data, and in all cases will be confidential for the personnel of elrow who process this information.

elrow, as the party responsible for this file, promises to respect the confidentiality of your information of a personal nature.


The user has the right to accede to their information, rectify it if the data is wrong, or oppose the treatment of their data and to unsubscribe from the services of elrow.

elrow will request, at the same time as the data collection, the user’s consent to receive information, publicity, and commercial communications by electronic means about products or services related to the activity of elrow and its initiatives. At the same time as the data collection, the user will be able to state their desire to receive commercial communications or not.

In accordance with the legislation in force in questions of protection of data of a personal nature, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition by addressing Av. d'Esplugues, 79 - 08034 Barcelona, in writing and attaching a copy of your ID card to the following address: Av. d'Esplugues, 79 - 08034 Barcelona (Ref. Data Protection), using the forms at your disposal or using the email address info@elrowfamily.com


The ticket sales system uses a secure server and state-of-the-art encryption technology. A secure server guarantees the privacy of the information you provide online. That privacy is achieved by means of the SSL protocol.

What is a secure server?
A secure server guarantees the privacy of the information you provide online. That privacy is achieved by means of the SSL protocol, the current security industry standard. Online security is the result of a communication between an SSL-enabled browser and an SSL-enabled server. Any browser version is SSL enabled.

How SSL works
SSL works in a simple way, encrypting the information you submit using RSA encryption when located in a secure area of a browser. Your Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari browser, working with the secure server, encrypts the information in such a way that if any individual in the transmission process succeeds in obtaining such information, it may not be read for want of the necessary key.

What is the security certificate?
A security certificate is given by a certifying entity: the Certification Authority. This entity issues that certificate after controlling the correct configuration of the encryption process (SSL) and after checking the requesting company’s information. The secure server certificate is granted to an entity whose references have been checked, to make sure that whoever receives the encrypted information is indeed the intended recipient.

How can I know if a server is secure?
All pages requesting personal information (name, address, etc.) and pages with credit card information are secure pages. Even if you cannot see the padlock icon on the lower right-hand side of your browser (because our pages are divided into frames and some of them, such as the frame containing the top banner, are non-secure), you can check the security of our pages by clicking the icon at the top of this page which guarantees server security and the use of a certificate with the highest degree of encryption (128 bits).

How is the security of this server certified?
Our SSL server is certified.


elrow will request, at the same time as the data collection, the user’s consent to receive electronic information, publicity, and commercial communications about the products or services relating to the activity of elrow and/or the promoter, its initiatives, etc. At the same time as the data collection, the user may state their desire to receive commercial communications or not. Additionally, they may exclude themselves from this service by following the instructions that are indicated at the foot of the body of electronic communications.

elrow does not use spamming techniques and will only treat the data that the user transmits through the electronic forms enabled in this website or e-mail messages. The treatment of data of a personal nature, as well as the sending of commercial communications made by electronic means, are in accordance with the legislation in force in questions of protection of data of a personal nature and of services of the Information Society and E-Commerce, as well as the regulation that develops it and any other applicable regulation.


elrow is not responsible for the websites that do not belong which can be entered via links or for any contents made available by third parties.

Any use of a link or access to another website is done by free will and at the exclusive risk of the user and elrow does not recommend or guarantee the information obtained through a link outside the elrow web and neither is it liable for any loss, claim or prejudice harm from the use or improper use of a link, or of the information obtained through it, including other links or websites, of the interruption in the service or in access, of the attempt to use or improperly use a link, to both connect to the elrow website and to access the information of other websites from the elrow website.

All the above applies, without affecting elrow making the utmost effort to prevent incidents of this type and acting with diligence to supress or disable any link that sends or recommends any illicit activity or information or susceptible to injure assets or rights of third parties, from the moment in which it has effective knowledge.