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  • Ibiza, Spain

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The show
So, the Earth and all the other planets have disappeared, and life as we know it is no more. The galaxy, all humans, all the space creatures everywhere, they all died of boredom. Killed off by the evil Planet SENSIBLE which spread its plague of darkness and monotony. It was always Monday, silence reigned and everybody was seriously serious. They destroyed everything in their path. Well, almost everything. The wildest party animals from every city, country, planet and galaxy survived.

And now, here we are on our planet called elrow. All together in one great, non-stop party. Though it’s all a constant blast, we have our bare necessities; we can’t live without music, we need a never-ending shower of confetti to survive, we all have to hide behind masks and disguises and we can only live in bouncy castles and other assorted inflatables.

As you can see here, on RowsAttacks, madness and absurdity are everywhere. Our elrowers, our men in black, our ghostbusters and the V lizards all together make up a great team. We’re not complaining, this is f*cking brill!

And now we’re ready to fight against Planet SENSIBLE.
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Amnesia Ibiza

Ibiza, Spain

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